Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and attracts millions of tourists every year. Its historic ties with the United Kingdom make it a strong favourite among British holiday makers. We offer an excellent range of holiday villas and apartments in Cyprus to meet your budget, giving you the opportunity to enjoy all that the island of Cyprus has to offer.
Many different types of holiday makers choose Cyprus as their holiday destination because Cyprus has so much to offer. We offer an excellent range of holiday villas and apartments in the Paphos area of Cyprus. There are more than 300 days of sunshine per year, and sandy beaches all over the island, so there is no doubt that you will enjoy laying on the soft sands of the Mediterranean.
Why choose Cyprus for your villa holiday?
There are many reasons to choose Cyprus for your holiday including:
* The people are warm and friendly and English is widely spoken, even if at times it is a little broken, and they will do their utmost to help you no matter what the situation.
* Excellent food choices – the first time you experience Cypriot cuisine your taste buds will be treated to an experience you’re never likely to forget. There is no end of choice on the menus of restaurants and tavernas right across the island.
* Excellent clear blue skies and sandy beaches all around Cyprus.
* Local wines and beer. Wine making is truly a vintage industry on the island of Cyprus. For more than 4000 years vines have been cultivated here, the ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks and the Romans all delighting in the sublime climatic conditions that are beneficial to wine production in this part of the Mediterranean.
* Stunning scenery can be enjoyed all year around.
* Easy to reach with a range of affordable airlines.
* Large range of accommodation including our holiday villas and holiday apartments to suit all budgets.
* The nightlife in Cyprus can be as energetic, relaxed or as romantic as you like. From world class nightclubs to restaurants offering meals by candlelight, the island’s entertainment industry caters for all tastes and for people of all ages.
* Cyprus is home to four golf courses – three near Paphos (all of which are championship standard) and one near Limassol.
View our fabulous holiday villas and holiday apartments in the Paphos region of Cyprus now, then contact us to discuss your ideal holiday.